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Athens One Day Cruise ProgramEnjoy the beautiful Greek sun, fresh air from Saronic Golf, feed the seagulls, dance with international and folkloric sounds, be the first dancer next to our professional dancers, join our cooking lessons and become a Chef ....and the cruise is going on.

Life on boardUpon arrival to Trocadero, Paleo Faliro, you will receive a warm welcome from our Officers and Hostesses who will assist you to embark to one of our luxurious cruise ships. You are invited to proceed to one of the three luxurious decks where you can enjoy our live orchestra and the fascinating view as the ship leaves the port.

DestinationAegina    In the 12th century, Aegina was the basic pirates spot especially for their attacks in Athens.   

The quality of the most famous world wide, local pistachio nut, is a result of the special climate conditions of the island (drought) and in the volcano elements of the soil.   

Aegina was actually the first capital of Greece and not Nafplio as most people believe. Ioannis Kapodistrias was the first Greek Governor.   

Aphaea’s Temple was the “pattern” that Iktinos and Kallikratis, the architects of Parthenon, had in mind when designing Parthenon.  

One of the most known Greek mysteries is about the perfect triangle consisted by the Temple of Aphaea, the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and Acropolis of Athens.

PorosPoros was the site of the first naval base in modern Greece, established in 1827 during the Greek War of Independence.

Most of the activities of Poros naval base were moved to Salamis naval base in 1881.

The site is still used today by the Hellenic Navy as a training center for naval personnel.   

Poros lemon forest is very famous not only in Greece but world wide also. Orange and lemon production is one of the main financial sources of the island.   

Poros has an amazing shell museum, founded in 2006, with a permanent exhibition of shells in the Chatzopouleios library.   

The island’s name means “narrow strait”.


Hydra island has more than 300 churches and 5 monasteries.   

Hydra’s Maritime Academy is the oldest Maritime Academy in the eastern Mediterranean, as it is open since the revolution of 1821.   

Hydra has inspired many artists such as Picasso and Sagale, as well as it is the home of many artists like P.Tetsis, N.Gkikas, L.Cohen etc.   

Many movies have been filmed on the island like Sophia Loren’s hit movie “Boy on a Dolphin” and Melina Merkouri’s “Phaedra”.   

Five Prime Ministers in Greece’s history were Hydra natives: G.Kountouriotis, A.Kriezis, D.Voulgaris, A.Miaoulis and P.Voulgaris.   

The biggest star in the sky is named Hydra and was noted in the ancient years by Ptolemeus.



Tomatoes, red and white cabbage , carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, onions Greek olives, Feta cheese, served with wonderful dressing of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar to start your meal.Starters

Stuffed vine leaves with rice   

Fresh Beets   

Traditional fish roe salad   

Pizza Margarita

Main dishes

    Oven baked chicken seasoned with Mediterranean herbs   

Fish fillet baked with Mediterranean aromatic herbs   

Selection of mixed vegetables slowly cooked in the oven and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil

Pasticcio (pasta with besamel sauce and beef)

Side Dishes

Rice mixed with a variety of vegetables   

Oven baked potatoes


Homemade walnut pie

Bon Appétit

 Before your cruise

5 Short and simple advices to help you prepare for your cruise.

Before your unforgettable experience on board one of our ships, make sure you are ready.   

Make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. We suggest checking the weather conditions, and if summer time, bring with you your swim ware, sun screen lotion sunglasses and hat. Do not forget your comfortable shoes as to be able to explore the islands. Casual is our main suggestion.   

If winter time, we suggest as well comfortable shoes, casual worm garments, as sometimes Greek winds can be a bit more unpredictable than you expect.   

Do not forget your camera, as along the way you will have an opportunity to see many new and unexpected things, have it handy at any point, as something we are followed by dolphins, and you do not want to miss that kind of moments.   

Check our site for the transfer information, make sure your hotel is on our list and be in front of the hotel on time. If you are arranging your own transfer, make sure to be at the departure point 15 min before departure time.   

Get ready for some serious shopping, as our on board store is giving you an opportunity for tax free purchases.

More details you can get on board from our super supportive sales personnel.   

And for last, do not forget home your good mood, be ready for an experience of a life time …

We are ready to welcome you …


Enjoy the beautiful Greek sun, fresh air from Saronic Golf, feed the seagulls, dance with international and folkloric sounds, be the first dancer next to our professional dancers, join our cooking lessons and become a Chef ...and enjoy our 3 proposals for excursions.

And if you think that the day ends here… you are mistaken!

The highlight of your cruise still waits!A “Traditional Greek Folk Show” with singers and dancers in original costumes from all over Greece, entertain and animate you up to the final moment as the ship docks in Trocadero.

Cooking lessons

An authentic culinary experience for the first time in the history of the One Day Cruise!Try something different for your clients so that they can learn to cook and have lots of fun on board!

Our entertainmentLet the entertainment begin! Onboard we are going to present you a traditional Greek dances, will try to teach you the most known Greek dance Syrtaki, and you will be able to enjoy our life orchestra with the main theme, the bouzouki instrument.

If not a fan of the traditional, we will try to match your taste with some the sounds of Saxophone and other instruments.

Policies & disclaimers

Terms and Conditions

Neither the Carrier nor the Ship shall be liable for any loss of life, or personal injury which may be suffered whenever such events take place before the Passenger has embarked on board or while is ashore at an intermediate port, or after disembarkation at the final destination port.

For such events, taking place on board the ship, the Carrier shall be responsible only if the interested party will be able to prove that the particular event, was caused by gross negligence of the Carrier, or his servants.

The Passenger is allowed to carry on board as luggage, only such personal effects which usually and reasonably are carried on board for voyages of this kind. Birds, dogs or any other pets or animals, cannot be carried along and will not be permitted on board.

Passengers carrying dangerous, inflammable and contraband items or explosives will be reported immediately to the proper Public Authority and in any case, the passenger who will disregard this warning shall be compelled to reimburse the Carrier for whatever damage, expenses or sacrifices will result there from.

Documents, manuscripts, jewelry, money or other valuables of any kind shall not be included in the luggage and if they are, no liability whatsoever is assumed by the Carrier.

Passengers who are carrying such valuables are to surrender them at their own risk, if so they wish, to the Ship’s Purser, in a sealed off package, to be placed, for safekeeping, in the Ship’s safe receiving a proper receipt therefore.

The Passenger, on request, will receive back the same sealed off package, by presenting his receipt. The Carrier is in no event, liable for any loss, damage of delay in the redelivery of the said packages.

The Carrier retains the liberty and without previous notice

To cancel the contract refunding only the money to the passenger

To cancel, change or alter any sailing   

To substitute the cruise ship by any other vessel   

To change or modify the itinerary

The ship’s schedule must be strictly adhered to.

In the event of the Passenger missing the ship at any of the ports of call listed in the cruise’s itinerary, the Carrier shall in no event be liable for such a mishap nor is expected to provide for alternative transportation.

The passage contract is subject to the Greek law. Any dispute on its execution is reserved to the exclusive jurisdiction on the courts of Greece.

It should be clearly understood that the owing company of the “One Day Cruise” does not undertake any responsibility of liability whatsoever for the organization or operation, etc. of such excursions which may include lunch or dinner ashore, participation in sport events, visits to theaters, cinemas, lectures, etc. and will not be liable in any case for illness, injury, death, loss, robbery, their or any other mishap nor for the lack of organization or delay, etc. which might occur during the excursion.

Passengers participating in such excursions do so at their own risk and any complaint, which they might have, should be addressed to local persons who are providing the specific excursion service.

The Passengers undertake the responsibility to indemnify the owning company of the “One Day Cruise” for any damages which the owner or his representatives might sustain, arising from the excursion arrangements, made on his behalf and for the damages the excursion operator might sustain from the passenger.

Children must always in custody of any adult appointed by their parents or by their legal guardian. In case that minors travels alone, they will be entrusted to the Master of the Ship.

Other Terms & Conditions as per the owning company of the “One Day Cruise” usual carriage contract available on demand at any booking agent or at the Chief’s Purser Office on board.

Safety Regulations

The Hydraiki safety management procedures are certified by the Hellenic Maritime Authorities which comply fully with the requirements of the international ISM (International Shipping Management) code.

Further, following Hellenic Coast Guard regulations all officers, crew and personnel are trained and regularly tested in proficiency in following emergency procedures in case of fire, recovery at sea, evacuation procedures, disaster at sea, etc.

Following the cruise departure there are announcements advising passengers to acquaint themselves with the ship’s safety procedures as well as where to find more information. There are displayed safety instructions and procedures at key points of each vessel.

For additional information Passengers can contact the ships Reception Desk or the Ship’s Purser.

Passenger’s Responsibility

Passengers must follow the shipping company’s security regulations and the ship’s captain’s rules concerning order and safety on board the ship. The rules are displayed in the terminals and on board the ships.

The shipping company and its representatives reserve the right to refuse passage to passengers who might pose a threat to the safety or other passengers, themselves or the ship.

The ship’s personnel have the right to refuse passage to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, who display disturbing or threatening behavior, or who do not otherwise comply with the aforementioned rules concerning age, security or other regulations.

Lost and Found

Items found on our ships are sent to our company headquarters in Athens:


Tel: (+30) 210-323-0107Fax: (+30) 210-323-0108Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Web-site:

Working Hours: Monday – Saturday (07:00 – 20:00)Sunday (07:00 – 12:00 & 18:00 – 20:00)

If you notice you've lost something immediately after the disembarkation, please contact the ships purser at the port.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card at the time of booking.   

Cancellations made up to 2 working days prior to the cruise date will carry no penalties.   

Cancellations made within 2 days prior to sailing date will be charged in full.   

Please note that all cancellation in order to be valid must be received in writing.

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