On the web site of BNBGuesthouse.com you can find, book and pay directly to the suppliers:
of Guesthouses, villas, hotels, apartments, studios, and other services, without the mediation of BNBGuesthouse.com

Limitation and Responsibility of BNBGuesthouse.com

The responsibility of BNBGuesthouse.com derives solely from its role as mediator.

  • It is noted that the Company bears no responsibility regarding the products or services promoted through the Tender, for which exclusively liable to the Purchaser is the Supplier or any authorized by him to promote services or offers.
  • Without limitation the BNBGuesthouse.com not be responsible in any case for the quality, characteristics, individual characteristics of the goods or services for any legal or material defects, as well as the manner and time of delivery to these clients-buyers.
  • Any information posted in connection with the Offer and refers to the product specifications or services is always in accordance with the informations and guidance that the Supplier has posted or by a specially authorized by the same person for the promotion of its services.
  • Therefore, the responsibility for any misleading and unfair advertising, as regulated by Law no. 1961/1991 and Article 9 in conjunction with Articles 9d and 9e of Law. 2251/1994 "Consumer protection, may not be assigned or establish against BNBGuesthouse.com. BNBGuesthouse.com limited in view of the promotional material.
  • BNBGuesthouse.com ensure the proper functioning of the website and the accuracy of its content.
  • BNBGuesthouse.com may, at any time, modify, suspend or discontinue any specific features of the site, including the availability or description of product or service.
  • BNBGuesthouse.com draws the user's attention to the possibility of access to this suspended or interrupted for reasons or problems pertaining to the hosting servers.
  • For your banking transactions BNBGuesthouse.com has ensured a secure environment using SSL protocol and cooperation with renowned financial institutions in Greece. Any impediment presented by the banking transaction concerns exclusively the responsibility of the Bank and the user.
  • Excluded its obligations BNBGuesthouse.com the refund corresponding to purchased service if the buyer was not satisfied with the quality of service suppliers.
  • In order to complete informations the browser is possible that the site refers to links, which carry the user to third- locations.
    BNBGuesthouse.com expressly stated that under no circumstances responsible for the content of these links, or for any loss or damage caused to the user from his tour in these pages.


  • Descriptions
  • Buyer: any user of the site, who successfully participate in Offer posted on the website and purchase the product / service Supplier
  • Website: this website «www.bnbguesthouse.com»
  • Product / service: product / Vendor service available on offer through the website.
  • Supplier means any third party supplier, who chooses to promote their products / services at special discounted prices
  • Person acting on instructions from the suppliers: every authorized to promote services or offers Supplier's face, acting on instruction or authorization issued and who has contracted the company (for example, Travel Agent, Tour Operator etc.).


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